IME Support Service-We fight to reverse your negative IME decision

With our Medical and Legal staff we will fight to reverse your adverse IME/Peer Review decision to get paid and/or continue treatment with your patients...more

Peer Reviewed Injury Health Risk Assessment

The InjuryCloud, Injury Assessment is the only peer reviewed and validated Musculoskeletal Based Health Risk Assessment that produces a quantifiable Report of Findings for musculoskeletal conditions with a 94% accuracy of quantifying injury based risk factors...more

Frustrated with EMR Records and Getting Your Treatment Reduced?

Many practice are losing medical necessity battles due to poor documentation. The fact is, EMR System’s template medical records do not tell the whole clinical picture and for the most part look the same...more

Secure Medical Record Exchange

Exchange medical records with other authorized colleagues in a simple to use and convenient portal. Sharing medical records is an efficient way to enable better communication and more effective case management between treating providers.

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Intro To InjuryCloud

Injury Cloud Features & Benefits

Our Goal is to improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of injury care.

InjuryCloud : Increases access to patients for care and prevention of injuries and the risk factors that lead to them and other debiliating pain. Improves injury care coordination amoung treating providers in an evidence based patient-centric system enabling superior case management Harnesses of the power of health information technology (IT) and quantitative research to enable

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