Create More Referrals

The InjuryCloud™ enables the subscriber to invite their colleagues to the cloud to participate in enabling seamless communication and inter-office case management. Inviting your colleagues to the InjuryCloud™ will improve your efficiency of case managing files together and allow you to focus on delivering the best experience for your client or patient. Word of mouth is the most valuable type of referral and highest compliment in business.

Eliminate Medical Records Requests

Eliminate the need for extra phone calls, faxes and frustrating answering machines when requesting medical records. When a new medical record is uploaded to the InjuryCloud™ all parties that have HIPAA authorization to access secure patient records will get a notification that new records have been uploaded, thus eliminating the need to send numerous medical records requests wasting valuable resources and time.

Request Appointments Online

Once your subscription is active you can request appointments with colleagues through the click of a button. Patients also can request appointments with professionals through their free portal access.

Automated Case Management Tools

InjuryCloud™ is an online case management portal that enables secure inter-office communication with cost and time savings benefits to all parties involved. Timely access to medical documentation and case information is critical for a successful and efficient outcome for all parties. Unfortunately, this seemingly basic element is a key failure point for many doctors, attorneys and case managers looking to accomplish the same goal...more

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Intro To InjuryCloud

Injury Cloud Features & Benefits

Our Goal is to improve patient outcomes while lowering the cost of injury care.

InjuryCloud : Increases access to patients for care and prevention of injuries and the risk factors that lead to them and other debiliating pain. Improves injury care coordination amoung treating providers in an evidence based patient-centric system enabling superior case management Harnesses of the power of health information technology (IT) and quantitative research to enable

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