Employers & Corporate Wellness

The private industry has taken a closer look at escalating costs resulting from workplace injuries and health related issues, such as:

  • Soft Tissue Injuries

  • Low Productivity

  • Presenteeism

  • Absenteeism

  • Short Term Disability Claims

  • Long Term Disability Claims

  • Rehabilitation Utilization

The private industry is looking closer at their employee population risk pool and are beginning to institute occupational health screenings and wellness programs to address and minimize their risks (such as substance abuse testing and pre- or post- hire physical exams). More recently, with The Affordable Care Act, employers must set aside wellness dollars for such initiatives and have found that providing comprehensive employee wellness programs (such as biometric and health risk screenings, disease management, smoking cessation, and nutrition awareness) can play a significant role in reducing health care costs, increasing productivity, improving employee morale, reducing attrition, and increasing retention (for example, Well Workplace awards sponsored by Wellness Councils of America).

Let's face the fact, Musculoskeletal injuries lead all other lost-time accidents, and are the #1 most expensive condition seen in hospitals today, but until now there is little that an organization can do to impact their bottom line and track interventions. Until today, and with the lack of peer reviewed and validated Musculoskeletal web-based Health Risk Assessments to utilize as a baseline for establishing intervention and/or treatment, Musculoskeletal "Wellness" has been conspicuously absent from employee's benefits portfolios. My Medical Hub is thrilled to introduce the first ever, peer reviewed and validated Musculoskeletal Health Risk Assessment that provides physicians the ability to approach employers and implement wellness from a musculoskeletal point of view and/or post offer, preplacement new hire programs.

Through an integrated approach and a sophisticated and highly flexible internet information exchange portal, My Medical Hub enables communication between corporate health care representatives, doctors, and specialists through a secure online sharing portal with real time access to data and reports. This concerted effort results in superior outcomes with the implementation of corporate wellness programs.

When used as an Injury Based Health Risk Assessment product, the My Medical Hub INJURY ASSESSMENT allows physicians and/or screening health coach vendors to participate with employers in structuring programs to identify actual or potential injury conditions that can be quantified, monitored, and if necessary, treated before they result in productivity losses and/or lost time injuries. The MS baseline established in connection with the process provides the doctor and the employee with the ability to measure progress toward wellness in an orderly and controlled manner, while tracking online intervention programs, keeping the employee engaged and motivated.

As shown below, an individual's MS baseline score determines the point on the scale at which he/she enters the program and whether a wellness or intervention program will be most effective.

My Medical Hub can work with you and your staff, along with healthcare providers within its network who are local to your office(s) to arrange employee screenings. Our Injury Based Health Assessment is crucial for early identification or direct and indirect risk factors that lead to costly osteoarthritis and other debilitating injuries.

Contact My Medical Hub today to arrange a Corporate Musculoskeletal Health Assessment Screening!