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Primary Care Doctors, Interventional Pain Management Doctors, Orthopedic Surgeons, Chiropractors, Physical Therapists, Imaging and Diagnostic Centers, Hospital Systems, ACO's, and others can become certified to utilize My Medical Hub Musculoskeletal web-based Health Risk Assessments to screen their community, generate patient referrals and cost effectively manage those risk factors that are resulting in injuries. The MMH Injury Based Health Assessment gives you access to this $184 Billion per year sector of healthcare. Learn more...

Join the My Medical Hub network and your practice will be featured in our scheduling service directory where your business will gain exposure to thousands of patients who are searching for the doctor who is right for their needs. You will be able to list your specific range of services, locations, appointment availability, and the insurances you accept.

Musculoskeletal associated medical claims are the #1 most expensive condition seen in hospitals and insurance networks. Work with MMH to arrange and participate in corporate wellness screenings local to you practice. You will have the ability to help find and qualify patients with underlying injuries and/or risk factors that lead to osteoarthritis and/or other debilitating injuries. Help choose the intervention and/or treatment and wellness plans for medium to high risk patients in order to help them avoid more costly and invasive procedures later in life. In summation, help reduce the employer and patients overall healthcare costs by treating risk factors now to avoid more costly procedures in the future.

Receive referrals directly from My Medical Hub. Under the supervision of our multidisciplinary team, our trained medical assistants review patient screenings received from non-healthcare providers and medium to high risk patients are referred to MMH subscribers.

Preauthorization: Prior to the screening process, patients must sign an authorization form giving the My Medical Hub Healthcare Provider permission to follow up with the patient in order to discuss the results of the assessment and to recommend the best form of intervention and/or treatment, if required.

Through the My Medical Hub internet information portal, you can:

  • Securely exchange and share patient's history, medical records, and test results.

  • Consult with colleagues to customize and track intervention and treatment.

  • Gain and refer patients with their best health and interest in mind.

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