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The Injury Health Assessment

My Medical Hub offers the first and only peered reviewed and validated Musculoskeletal web-based Health Assessment specifically designed to identify underlying injuries and risk factors that lead to injuries and osteoarthritis. Our injury based assessment is crucial in early identification of direct and indirect risk factors that can help to avoid costly and perhaps invasive medical procedures to treat osteoarthritis and debilitating injuries.

Participant assessments include a series of static and dynamic movements and measurements, demographic characteristics including age and sex, lifestyle including exercise, smoking, alcohol intake, and diet, personal and family medical history, physiological data including weight, height, range of motion, etc.

Our comprehensive assessment correlates over 900 data points, creating a virtual 3D map of your present state of injury health and produces a quantfiable report of findings for musculoskeletal conditions with a 96% degree of accuracy while establishing a functional baseline of which to establish treatment and/or intervention from. In addition, it establishes a benchmark in which progress and results are tracked during treatment. The injury assessment reports these findings in our four (4) primary body regions:

  • Neck

  • Upper Extremities

  • Lower Extremities

  • Back

Each area is quantified as low risk, medium risk, or high risk. After participating in a My Medical Hub Musculoskeletal Health Risk Assessment, you will receive a report of your personal risk factors that are triggering your injuries.

Our quantified Injury Based Health Assessment is the result of a multi-specialty team of healthcare professionals which includes colleagues from Johns Hopkins, The Mayo Clinic, Stanford University, Georgetown University Medical Center, and NY Chiropractic College, resulting a peer reviewed validation study that was published in The Journal of Medicine (March/April 2009) on The Quantification and Tracking of Osteoarthritis.

My Medical Hub providers must be credentialed and certified in order for them to administer our Health Assessment. There are specific movements and measurements that only a certified provider can perform to our standards. This certification is done for your benefit, so that we can ensure that your information is gathered in the most professional and standardized protocols.

See your My Medical Hub healthcare provider today to schedule your Musculoskeletal Health Risk Assessment. If your report quantifies you into the medium to high risk categories, learn about treatment, intervention, and wellness programs through your My Medical Hub healthcare provider. Low risk patients can choose to participate in various My Medical Hub wellness programs to ensure that future assessments will remain in the low risk category.

Secure Medical Record Exchange

My Medical Hub offers the first all encompassing internet cloud portal within the United States enabling secure real-time visibility to patient treatments. Multiple doctors can share, review, and discuss the best treatment path for patient's and/or recommend referral from a higher degree of information. Find out more...

My Medical Hub allows doctors to:

  • Securely exchange and share patient's history, medical results, and test records.

  • Identify medicine use, results, and possible conflicts, along with overlapping recommendations and/or treatments.

  • Customize and track intervention and treatment

  • Track progress and results

Are you tired of waiting for your diagnostic clinic to transfer test results to your doctor? Are you frustrated in seeing multiple physicians who seem to have difficulties communicating and are unable to recommend the best treatment plan possible? Join My Medical Hub today to ensure proper communication and referrals between physicians.

My Medical Hub offers a unique and valuable doctor scheduling service which allows you to:

  • View all doctors local to any given areas with the United States and specific to your location.

  • View all locations of a specific doctor and/or medical practice along with their range of services.

  • Research doctors based on the services and/or medical procedures required.

  • Identify doctors that participate in your health insurance coverage.

  • Choose doctors based on gender and/or spoken languages.

  • Identify doctors office hours and available appointment times.

  • Read patient written reviews to help you choose the best doctor for you.

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My Medical Hub provides 24 hour access, 7 days a week to our nationwide medical support team with a simple phone call. Licensed physicians are available for all non-emergency medical concerns. With sufficient patient information and when appropriate, our doctors may prescribe non-DEA scheduled drugs. Whether you have a medical question that can be properly addressed by our medical team or need to speak with a licensed physician in the state which you are located, My Medical Hub is available 24/7 to help. To learn more...

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